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LPDC Forms

LPDC Forms

The State forms are available below and may have been adapted to local needs.  Click on the titles to view/download the documents.

Step 1 (if applicable)
If coursework has been completed while working for another organization, submit the Verification Form for Educators Leaving the LPDC from the previous organization when beginning work with Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center (ESC).

  • Employees who take employment elsewhere and want to transfer AMESC-approved coursework to another organization need to request that the Athens-Meigs ESC LPDC complete this form.

Step 2
Complete and submit the appropriate Individualized Professional Development Plan: Teacher IPDP or IPDP.

  • Email the IPDP to Heather Wolfe (heather.wolfe@athensmeigs.com), send it through the postal service to the Athens-Meigs ESC - 21 Birge Drive Chauncey, OH 45719, or fax it to 740-797-0070.

Step 3 
Submit coursework using the appropriate Activity Proposal template to the LPDC: Teacher Activity Proposal or Activity Proposal.  For webinars, also include the Webinar Proposal.  Please group multiple activities into one Activity Proposal.  For instance, participating in 7 events related to PBIS would not require 7 Activity Proposals; it would only require one Activity Proposal with 7 pieces of evidence attached.

Although the Athens-Meigs ESC does not require that educators obtain pre-approval, if coursework is submitted after the activity, the LPDC cannot guarantee that it will be approved. Coursework should be submitted in a timely manner.  Waiting until the end of the renewal cycle is unacceptable.  

  • Email the coursework to Heather Wolfe (heather.wolfe@athensmeigs.com), send it through the postal service to the Athens-Meigs ESC - 21 Birge Drive Chauncey, OH 45719, or fax it to 740-797-0070.

Included in Step 3 is the need to address the Ohio Standards for Professional Development.  Committee members use the Standards to evaluate the plans of individual educators. The expanded view of what can qualify as “professional development,” as conveyed by the standards, may influence the activities that are recognized as appropriate for licensure.  

  • Each of the Standards must be addressed/approved at least once during the educator renewal cycle as evidenced on the AMESC PD Standards Form, which is not required to be submitted but will serve as evidence should it be needed.  
  • The Athens-Meigs ESC keeps a record of the educator's PD standards on the PD Summary. Educators are welcome to use the form to keep track of their own approved PD Standards; however, it is not necessary.

NEED IDEAS FOR CEUS?  Check out THIS resource.  Most of the online training opportunities are free, but many require the creation of a user name and password.

Step 4
Educators can renew licenses as early as January of the expiration year.  All educators now use the Connected Ohio Records for Educators (CORE) system in the OH|ID Account to renew licenses, permits or certificates online. The online process provides a secure environment for educators to update their demographic data and pay licensure fees using a credit card or electronic check.  

  • Before applying for renewal, contact the Athens-Meigs LPDC in order to verify that state certification and licensure requirements have been met.